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My Philosophy of Wellness

I believe in holistic wellness! Our health and how we feel physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally, all create our overall sense of well-being. There are many aspects to health. It is not just about how or what you eat, and how much you exercise. It also depends on your relationships, the fulfillment of your career, or lack thereof, the quality of your sleep and the environment in which you live. I strive to help my clients in all aspects of their lives creating “deep health” and wellness. We check in with every area of your life, see what needs a little love, and work from there.

My nutrition focus is on a whole foods plant-based diet, since I truly believe in the benefits of this way of eating, not just for our own wellness, but also for the animals and the planet. If you’re interested in learning about a plant-based diet, switching to one completely, or simply wanting to add some plant-based meals in more regularly, I am here to help! I offer full coaching programs online, for clients all over the globe. My coaching style is very thorough, personalized and always compassionate. We take it one step at a time, making small changes consistently, which leads to lasting results. Interested in learning more? Please reach out for a free 30-minute discovery call to see if we’re a good fit!

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Client Testimonials

“Jenny is the real thing. Her grace is in her strength. She has a fierce determination to help her clients reach their goals. It is thanks to her that I was able to lose my extra weight, embrace an exercise routine that is now part of my daily life, and my emotional and physical outlook has transformed completely.”

Lauretta Zucchetti
Rome, Italy

“I feel so fortunate to have Jenny Geyser as my personal trainer and nutrition coach.  She has a wealth of experience in fitness, exercise, health, and wellness and she is a remarkably intuitive instructor and coach. Jenny always challenges me to achieve more, and she varies our routines to keep things interesting. The icing on the cake is that Jenny is a truly good person -- she's friendly, empathetic, and genuine. All in all, I give Jenny my highest recommendation.”

Peter Economy
Best-Selling Author
La Jolla, California

“Working with Jenny has been a blessing. She changed my life by helping me to eat better and live better. And she taught me to smile more.”

Los Angeles, California

“I’ve known Jenny for years and she is beyond brilliant. Her talent and love for the fitness and nutrition industry truly defines her craft. Whether you are in the beginning or advanced stages of yoga, or need a complete nutrition makeover, Jenny will create a program to meet your individual needs. I highly recommend her when seeking to improve your physical and emotional well-being.”

Phil Shirinian
Santa Barbara, California

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