Awesome Benefits of a CSA & Why to Choose Organic!

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2021


Awesome Benefits of a CSA & Why to Choose Organic! 


How do you get your veggies? Where is your go-to for fruit?  Do you know exactly where your produce comes from?  If you’re shopping in a conventional grocery store, or even a more “natural” seeming market, such as Whole Foods, your apples, arugula, zucchini, and other favorite items could all be coming from dozens of farms...not just in the U.S., but literally from all over the world!  This means that before it gets to your table, or mouth, it could have flown on airplanes, ridden on trucks, and been sitting around for a long period of time.  This often indicates that the items were picked before they were ripe, and most likely lost a lot of nutrients and goodness through their travels.


What is a CSA? A CSA is Community Supported Agriculture.  It literally means the veggies are picked straight from a farm in your area, and delivered right to you! There are so many benefits to getting your produce this way, not just for the health of you and your family, but for the environment and supporting local farmers, too.


There are tons of benefits to joining a CSA and eating local and organic...check these out!


~ You are supporting local farmers & growers instead of big agriculture. 


~ The produce is super fresh... literally picked right from the farm and it goes straight to you! No sitting on shelves or trucks for days where the veggies can lose nutrients.


~ It is seasonal! Whatever is fresh, ripe and ready to go is what you will get! This aligns with nature and supports ultimate wellness.


~ Local, organic and fresh means more nutritious and better flavor! 


~ Organically grown is produced without chemicals and pesticides, which means healthier soil, leading to veggies and fruit that are more nutrient dense, higher in antioxidants, and better for the environment, too! 


~ What’s in the box each week is a surprise! This allows you to explore some items you may not have had before! Variety is key to health! Change it up to get a well balanced mix of vitamins and minerals!  It’s fun and easy to find new recipes and inspiration based on what’s fresh each week in your delivery.  


So, how do you find a CSA in your area?  A simple internet search can help, or ask around for recommendations from friends you know who are health-conscious!  There are many options in a CSA as far as box size, or ones that include more fruit, veggies, or those specifically meant for juicing!  Some farms offer add-ons for local fresh bread, or other specialty items!  They are typically local and organic, too!  It’s a really great way to support small business!


Are you part of a CSA, or have you been before?  Please share in the comments what you love about eating local and organic, and your experience with local farms in your area!  It’s really an incredible way to incorporate more produce and more variety into your daily eating, while supporting organic, sustainable farming practices!  Share the love and vibrant health with others!  As Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” 


In love and wellness!


Jenny Geyser, M.Ed.

Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

Certified Yoga Instructor, E-RYT 500   


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