Five Ways to Nourish Yourself, Release Stress, and Find Peace in Uncertain Times

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2020


There is a lot going on in the world right now!  Even amongst the chaos, worry and uncertainty, there are ways to stay grounded and encourage peace and tranquility in your life.  Even though you may not be able to control what is going on outside of you, you are very much able to manage what goes on inside of you, your physical body and your mind.  Here are some ideas to help create a sense of well-being, no matter what is occurring around you.

1. Eat well!  Fill up on foods that nourish you from the inside out.  Consume whole plant-based organic foods, that contain phytonutrients and antioxidants.  Choose delicious fruits and veggies in the colors of the rainbow.  More variety equals more nutrients, which means you are giving your body what it needs to stay strong, healthy, vibrant, and able to stand up to stress.  These foods also help to strengthen your immunity, and to fight against free-radicals caused by increased stress.  Incorporate favorite comfort foods, such as whole grain pasta with a delicious homemade tomato sauce, a hearty bean and greens soup with rustic bread for dipping, or a big bowl of brown rice and roasted veggies.  Add some garlic and ginger which are incredible immune system boosters!  The better you take care of your physical body, the more calm and centered you will feel in your mind, energetically and emotionally.

 2. Stay hydrated!  Drink lots of water and tea!  Add lemon and cucumber for taste, cleansing and hydration.  Sometimes hunger can be confused with dehydration, so before you eat those extra snacks out of stress or boredom, drink up instead!  Tea is also very soothing for the mind and body.  There are lots of great varieties to choose from, so mix it up!  Some nourishing favorites are moringa (rich in antioxidants), turmeric (powerful anti-inflammatory), dandelion (detoxifier) and of course, classic  nutrient rich green tea!  To calm the nerves, chamomile is soothing, and mint is a refreshing choice for digestion.  Try beginning your day with some warm water with lemon, have some cucumber water throughout the day for hydration, and cozy up with your favorite cup of hot tea and a book in the evening, to melt the stress away!

3. Move your body and take time to breathe!  Any movement is beneficial!  Get the blood flowing, bring oxygen to your cells, and just make it feel good!  Do what is best for you, even if it is only for 20 minutes!  Just get moving.  Do yoga, dance in your living room to your favorite songs, do some push-ups, squats and abs.  Moderate, consistent exercise helps the immune system, strengthens the lungs and heart, and is a great stress reducer.  Move your body and let go of what is not serving you!  You will feel more powerful and centered when you release some stored up energy.  Also, take time to breathe deeply! Meditation brings peace of mind.  This can come in different forms for everyone!  Meditation doesn’t mean needing to sit still in a lotus pose.  It can be a long walk with your dog, putting your feet in the sand at the beach, or a long, hot shower.  Just take some time in silence to breathe and notice the calming effects.  

4. Do something creative!  Paint, write, journal, sing, dance, cook, bake!  Make a vision board of your hopes and dreams!  Creativity helps to alleviate stress and to release emotions.  Art therapy has been proven to help process feelings and reduce anxiety and depression.  Is there something you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t had the time to yet?  Now is the perfect opportunity.  Choose a new hobby that resonates with you, or even something you used to do often, but daily life got in the way.  Revisit those favorite activities!  Put your mind and energy into a pastime you love! 

5. Set goals for yourself!  Write down all your desires and dreams.  Then journal on what is holding you back from pursuing or accomplishing those dreams, and what you can do to work towards them in a productive way.  What are the small steps you can take each day, consistently, to build the life you desire?  Use the down time you unexpectedly have been given to put your energy and focus into something positive.  This will create motivation and excitement for the future!  It also helps to identify your feelings, release what is blocking you, and to make a plan to move forward.  Having goals and a plan helps to minimize feeling “stuck,” especially in times of uncertainty.  Replace any stress you’re carrying with passion and enthusiasm for all there is to look forward to!

These are some simple suggestions that can easily be incorporated into your day, from the comfort of your own home.  Choose what resonates with you, and what excites you!  Turn any fears, stress or worry into a positive experience!  This is an unusual and uncertain time, but it can be turned into an opportunity for growth, productivity and healing.  It’s important to keep moving forward, and to spread positive, loving energy to the world, especially at a time where it’s needed the most.  


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