Pets Are More Than Pure Love ~ They're Great For Your Health, Too!

Uncategorized May 01, 2020


Most people who have pets understand how much love and affection they give on a constant basis.  They are literally pure love!  I grew up with dogs, cats, horses, and even the occasional bunny and bird.  Animals have been a regular part of my life since I was born.

One of the positive effects of this unusual period of quarantine is how much extra time I’m getting to spend with Lola, my sweet, adorable furchild.  I’m sure all dogs are feeling elated to have their human parents around 24/7!  I started thinking about how much she really brings to my life, and about the wellness benefits of having a loving pet.  Here are five awesome ways a pet improves your health and wellness!


  1. Pets bring increased opportunities to exercise and play!  Dogs, especially, need time outside, to walk, run, play and socialize.  Dogs often inspire their owners to get out into the sunshine for fresh air and movement.  My long walks with Lola are my favorite part of the day.  It’s my moving meditation where I clear my head and organize my thoughts.  I look forward to it as the perfect way to start my day, everyday!
  2. Pets help manage feelings of anxiety, loneliness and depression.  For many people, the day-to-day struggle of home isolation is a real challenge.  Having a pet provides company and comfort.  There are areas of the world that have even more strict lockdowns, and a loving pet can provide support when feeling alone.  
  3. An animal companion also relieves stress, which lowers blood pressure and strengthens immunity.  There have been numerous studies that show children who have been raised with pets develop stronger immune systems than those without, including less asthma and allergies.
  4. Pets increase happiness, joy, and make you smile!  Animals are adorable, silly, and have unique personalities all their own!  There are so many times during the day when I catch myself smiling or laughing about how cute and funny Lola is with her mannerisms and character.  She brightens up every single day, no matter what is going on around me, or within.  
  5. Animals are the best furry, fluffy snuggle buddies, and provide unconditional love!  They bring a sense of gratitude, no matter what you may be dealing with or going through.  They are sweet, innocent souls that just want to give love and receive love.  They have an incredible way to sense what you need, and are always by your side to provide comfort.  

I’m so grateful every day for my Lola, and I love seeing how much joy pets bring into the lives of others, too.  Adopting a pet is one of the most wonderful things you can do, not just by giving an animal in need a home, but also for the benefits you will receive from your new family member!  The joy and unconditional love they provide is beyond words.  Pets really make the world a happier, healthier, more loving place, while increasing physical, mental and emotional wellness for everyone involved!  

Do you have a pet? Please share below about them and the benefits you receive from their love!  If you need recommendations for dog rescue or animal adoption, please comment, and I will connect you with some amazing organizations in your area!  Sending love to all the humans and fur babies out there!!


Jenny and Lola 


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